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It is with great pleasure I announce the coming of FRAMED Salon, the collective efforts of my esteemd partners-in-crime– Stacey “Rae” Barnes and Gwen Aatlo!

A true dream coming alive, FRAMED will be an imaginerium, a creative play-place for freinds to gather and create beautiful, meaningful connections with the clients we serve and with each other.

framed card front horizontal


Located convieniently on Pico Blvd. near the 10 Freeway and Trader Joes.  Here’s the best part, at FRAMED you will experiece all the charm and beach-town allure that is uniquely Santa Monica …with 24 (un metered!!)parking spaces at the rear of the salon.

Many of our loyal clients have followed us for the better part of a decade all over hell’s half acre bewteen hollwood and the beach.  For you all, we want you to know most sincerely that we are looking forward to being joyful little old ladies in this location!

Get a DAMN haircut, as you know and love it, will change little or not at all.  The salon will have its own website, but this will continue to be a venue for you to catch up the blog, book appointments, and get in touch with me.  You can still contact me through the numbers and addresses you have. I promise to carry on my hunger for learning, making myself the best resource for your beauty needs.

What I am most sincerely excted about is the coming to gether of this all-star collection of stylists! Among us are five Redken Certified Colorists, six Redken/Pureology specialists– we have dressed hair experts, master cutters, extensions specialists, and healthy hair chemists. I am so inspired to be amongst this group of driven, passionate professionals. All of which, best of all, are my friends.

Thank you for your contribution to my continued devolpment as a stylist, servant, and artist.  I look forward to seeing you at FRAMED!



change is in the (h)air.

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart I announce Byu-ti Santa Monica is closing and moving into the Brentwood location.  As difficult a decision as it has been, I am writing to announce I’m moving to a new studio space right in Santa Monica.   My last day at Byu-ti was Friday March 1st.

The Byu-ti Santa Monica team is my family.   I joined Natasha just 30 days after her doors opened.  What a journey!  I can truly say I came of age in that establishment. Honestly, I might have lived to a ripe old age in that salon.  I was sort of forced to stop, assess, and make my next move  purposeful.  I started to remember this wily girl who dreamed of platform education, having agency representation, and above all, providing outstanding service to my industry, as well as every guest.  I realize now is the time for me to revisit the original drawing board.

In my studio, I use and retail exclusively Pureology and Redken products, maintaining the standard of excellence to which my guests have become accustomed.  I so hope and look forward to seeing each of you there!

A few notes on the new space:

Tons of 1 & 2 hour meters are up and down Broadway and there is even some un-metered 2 hour parking on 6th.   Also, the Public Library is up just a block on Santa Monica and offers secure parking for $1 an hour.

Booking will be a breeze.  I now offer on-line booking on my CONTACT page on my website,  It is also available through the Ovatu app on my Facebook page, Get a DAMN haircut.   The new number you see on cards (310-751-4484) is a dedicated cell that will be with my assistant or myself all the time.


Did you miss our last style session?? Email me or post here… what do YOU want to learn next??  Keep an eye out for future events!