I always had a thing for playing dress up. In my younger years, I just about ran through every bottle of Aqua-net in Texas practicing on my four sisters for the perfect hot-roller set.

in 2006,  I found my way to Santa Monica. What a lovely town! The perfect portions of chic, political, and funky beach vibes, I knew I had found where I belong.  I landed in the creative space owned by Natasha Sunshine called Byu-ti, where I spent nearly seven years growing my business, upping my game, and running the education program there. Here, I began a passionate romance with Redken hair color and their outstanding education, leading to my becoming a certified colorist in 2010.  This is where I fell in love with Pureology and began my education career with the brilliant daughter of the L’Oreal brand and sister company to Redken Haircolor.  Being  a part of this world drives me to seek new heights and stretch myself as an artist within the comfort of a tight knit community of like-mindedness.

In early 2013, as Byu-ti metamorphosized into it’s next incarnation, I did as well.  That glorious unfolding gave birth to GetaDamnHaircut in Studio, where I decided to set up shop in the Phenix Salon Suites, joining stylists Les Jenkins and Dino Gugliuzza, who shared an incurable love with Santa Monica and the wonderful clients we all have here.

I am specialized in hairdressing, hair coloring and education, as well as as being an accomplished make-up artist. I love my time in the classroom, and as I strive always to be a better leader, I thrive on remaining a good student and expanding my craft. I enjoy appearances on TV and the web as well as an expanding fashion and editorial portfolio, and am always connected to my theatrical roots. I find the intense thrill of runway fashion a delicious combination of all my passions. I offer my own special blend of superb quality artistic and educational works. I pride myself in being a versatile asset to any creative team or project .


“Love of beauty is Taste.  The creation of beauty is Art.”  

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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