change is in the (h)air.

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart I announce Byu-ti Santa Monica is closing and moving into the Brentwood location.  As difficult a decision as it has been, I am writing to announce I’m moving to a new studio space right in Santa Monica.   My last day at Byu-ti was Friday March 1st.

The Byu-ti Santa Monica team is my family.   I joined Natasha just 30 days after her doors opened.  What a journey!  I can truly say I came of age in that establishment. Honestly, I might have lived to a ripe old age in that salon.  I was sort of forced to stop, assess, and make my next move  purposeful.  I started to remember this wily girl who dreamed of platform education, having agency representation, and above all, providing outstanding service to my industry, as well as every guest.  I realize now is the time for me to revisit the original drawing board.

In my studio, I use and retail exclusively Pureology and Redken products, maintaining the standard of excellence to which my guests have become accustomed.  I so hope and look forward to seeing each of you there!

A few notes on the new space:

Tons of 1 & 2 hour meters are up and down Broadway and there is even some un-metered 2 hour parking on 6th.   Also, the Public Library is up just a block on Santa Monica and offers secure parking for $1 an hour.

Booking will be a breeze.  I now offer on-line booking on my CONTACT page on my website,  It is also available through the Ovatu app on my Facebook page, Get a DAMN haircut.   The new number you see on cards (310-751-4484) is a dedicated cell that will be with my assistant or myself all the time.

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