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Swank Styles at SAG Awards

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Ahh… The smell of award season is on the Air. Early January mega hair-shows and beauty expos trade all things new and inspire preparation to the high-holy hair-days ahead. The Academy’s.
If the Screen Actors Guild Awards were any indication, then this is set to a a golden-highlighted day in Hollywood.
Through there was some fresh, elegant style (umm..Rose Byrne!)and gorgeous classic glamour (you always represent Anne Hathaway)!
Here I (respectfully) submit my top five looks on the red carpet and tips on how to achieve lustful emulations of them.
   Jessica Chastain wears this perfect rose-bronze hue  like she’s lit up from with in.   The perfect balance of blond and red, this shade  says ‘satement hair’ without screaming it with a retinal afterburn.
   Want Goddess-Glow? Yup, hair color can do that.
   For radiant shine like this, ask your stylist for Redken Chromatics hair color. An oil based delivery system and zero ammoinia allows for vibrant, long lasting reds.
  * Stylist Note: Achieve this coppery hue with Chromatics shades 8Gr + 7C.
    Mid Length and daring. That’s right, I said it.  Mid lengths are the edgiest  shapes a girl can wear these days.  With long lived in gypsy-tresses on one side of the fence, and  posh stacked bobs–even some pixies– on the other, the boldest and woman can be this spring is neither.  Say buh-bye to long, over- long over ombre’d ends and draw a bold line… at your shoulder.
Nicole Kidman is always a display worthy piece of classic beauty, but this haircut really hit the mark.  One of the most versatile styles, a pony tail is an options, but styling time can be minimal.  The trick is in texture, not necessarily tons of layers, and blunt, clean lines that work whether worn pin straight or in chunk , tousled waves.
  Who says you can’t do anything with short hair? Short-hair formal finishing is one of my favorite things to do.  Highly creative and refreshingly simplistic this look sings.  I mean, it doesn’t hurt that the hairstyle is wearing January Jones’ face.
  To replicate:
 – section off Mohawk section on top of head
 – in 1” hotizontal partings, lace (or back brush) hair lightly 3-4 inches at the scalp, moving back to front, laying each section back over the last.
 – Take side sections slick back with a soft boar bristle brush and Pureology Stregthening Control Hairspray and scure each side with cris-crossed bobby pins.
 – use edge and backside of soft bristle brush to smooth back combing into place. mold, control and finish with Strengthening Control Hairspray.
   HOT TIP:For coarser/ curlier textures, use Lustrous Volume Gelatine and  a blow dryer to smooth sides into place with more control.  This look rocks on curly girls!
  AHH–MANDA SEYFRIED. We love you.  Your perfect blond waves are just the feather in your hat.  Not only is this simple look timeless and elegant, but also deceivingly simple!
Start with clean, freshly styled hair.  Chose a lightweight styling product with lasting hold like Pureology Nourishing nectar, a mica infused styling gel when blow drying.
– Section a  deep side part, and blow dry the section from temple to nape are back and way.  Add a little extra styling gel and smooth again from ear to nape along the hairline.
– Secure smoothed section with two sets of cris-crossed bobby pins at the opposite nape side hairline.
– Roll the down side of hair parallel to parting in horizontal sections on hot rollers or set with a 1-1/2” iron.
– Let cool completely and spray generously with Pureology Strengthening Control Hairspray.  Use a softy bristle brush and more hairspray to shape and soften waves.
– finish with a mist of Radiance Amplifier shine spray to get your glow on.
  Where do I start?  From her gorgeous, shining natural texture to the fresh inspired silhouette, I am in love with this hair. The shape reminds me of victory rolls from the 50’s and, and that is no shy pompadour either.  The rest,  however, is a delicate dance of hairpin curves and twists, folding beautifully  into this chignon/mohawk/ pin-up-do. Simultaneously and carefree and inflammatory.
  Out of respect to myself and my esteemed colleagues, there will be no how-to on this.  You will need to contact one inspire  stylist to delight in a look like this.
Andi Scarbrough