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Dirty Hair Do’s

Ever wake up with mere minutes before you are supposed to be out the door? Not that I ever have either, but if you know someone who has these sort of issues, pass along these simple styles to do on yesterday’s (or last night’s) hair!



To get this look:

Redken Mineral Elixir

Pureology Strengthening Control Hairspray

2 elastics

4-6 bobby pins


First, spray Redken Mineral Elixir generously over day old hair to break-up and old product and give shine and workability.   Next, pin hair half up in a pony tail, leaving the nape section out.  Then, flip head upside down and start at the nape with a standard three section french braid.  Braid hair all the way to the ends and put a small elastic in it.  Then flip head back up and let the loose end of the braid lay loose and out of the way for now.  Next, Spray Pureology Strengthening Control Hairspray on the pony tail and gently back-comb it to rough up the texture with a soft brush (or fingers).  Separate the teased pony into three sections and wrap each one around the pony, securing with a bobby pin.  Follow with the remaining two sections, placing them in a pinwheel shape and anchoring the ends into the rubber-band for all day security.  Last, take the loose end of the french braid and wrap it around the outside of the bun and pin in place for an easy polished updo.




To get this look:

Tail Comb

Pureology Anti-Breakage Twist

& Strengthening Control Hairspray

2 elastics

8-10 bobby pins


First, apply a small amount of Anti Breakage twist on hair and twist into curls.  Use a curling iron for limp or straight hair. Next, use the tail comb to back comb an inch or two at the crown. Starting in the front, grab a section and spray with Strengthening Control hairspray. Lightly twist the hair back and away from the face, adding from the hairline as you go down each side. Every other time you add a section, mist again with hairspray and anchor with a bobby pin.  Use the end of the tail comb to loosen the twist as you go. Stop behind the ear on each side and secure with a bobby pin.  Scrunch in a little more Anti-Breakage Twist on the rest of the hair and tie it into a loose, low pony, leaving the ends doubled under the elastic. Split the hair above the pony and flip the hair over and through it so it sits flush against the neck.  Use tail come to tuck and pull ends out and secure with remaining bobby pins. Mist again with hairspray to seal in this perfectly imperfect look.




To get this look:

Tail Comb

Soft/Boar Bristle Brush

Pureology InCharge Hairspray

Pureology Radiance Amplifier

1 elastic

12+ bobby pins


First, take sections on the top to back crown area of the head spray with InCharge hairspray and tease lightly at the inch or two closest to the scalp. Brush hair smooth with a soft or boar bristle brush.  This look is great with short layers around the face or a fringe, but if you only have long layers, you can pull all the hair back, or use your tail come to remove strategic stands.  Divide the hair into three sections. Mist each section with hairspray and then smooth with the boar bristle brush. take the center section and twist into a low bun, securing on four sides with criss-crossing bobby pins.  Working from the hair closest to the face back, take about a third of one section and, wrap it over and around the bun, pinning it on the other side.  Work alternately, one side then the other, until all ends are secured over around the bun.  Use the end of the tail comb to tuck any ends sticking out. Mist Radiance Amplifier on the boar bristle brush and use this high-shine trick to lay down any fly-aways. Spray generous with InCharge to finish this timeless look.




To get this look:

Redken Powder Grit

Strengthening Control Hairspray

1” curling iron

1 elastics


Take leftover volume and curls and recycle it into this fresh effortless look by first sprinkling the crown with Powder Grit and working it in with fingers for volume and separation.  Bind hair loosely beneath and behind the ear in an elastic.  Shake hair to free shorter layers and fringe, or pull out a few framing pieces.  Spray with hairspray and wrap random sections around a 1” iron. Stretch curls while they are still hot for a relaxed but polished wave. Pull one strand from the under-side of the elastic and wrap the ends all the way around, pinning the ends securely into the band.  After curling the pony push from ends upwards into the hair for  extra volume.  Mist again with hair spray to lock in your carefree style!





Pomps and Ponys Crowned the 2012 Grammys

Most Supremely Chic: Power of the Pony

A ponytail is a timeless statement. Iconically feminine and ultra strong, this look has been hot on runways for some time now, and I love the wearable way it has positively swept the red carpet this year.   This is a look that can be easily done yourself, or elaborately detailed by adding extra hair for extra bulk and length by a stylist.  This look can go casual cocktail hour to red-carpet in the time it takes to smooth on a little shine serum and lip gloss.

Fergie’s look involved a little help from the hair gods in the form of a weft of hair matching her ‘natural’ color that is added around the base of the rubber band.  This can be secured in place with double sided tape and/or bobby pins.  A 1/4”-1/2” section of hair is taken from the underside of the pony tail to camouflage the weft seam.  The result is a high-and-mighty fountain of hair that falls like molten gold.  This is one of my favorite looks to make a dramatic statement while showcasing some fun jewelry, and most importantly, letting that pretty face shine.

But in my opinion Jessie J stole the show… at least the red carpet.  I cried when Adele got album of the year, she looked stunning doing so– don’t get me wrong– but I LOVED this whole look!   Bold, blunt bangs in a high-shine black-satin glaze make this look pop!  Ask your stylist for Coffee Bean in a  Redken Shades EQ conditioning color gloss.  The bend on the ends give this sometimes severe look just the right softness. Smoky, sultry make-up and vintage looking jewelry rounded out this look successfully fusing romantic, retro-rock-and-roll, and a futuristic glitz.  Use a firm gel like Redken’s Hardwear to get the cranium hugging slick sides seen here.  And seriously… I’m so excited to go cut some bangs!

See  Melanie Fiona, Gweneth Paltrow and Tia Carrere, also sporting the hot fresh look, each with their own interpretations.



Up and Away!  Swept and rolled up styles for the ultra hip.

This shape is a gender-bender of a crowd pleaser, and one of my own personal favorite silhouettes.  Opposite to the Pony-tail, it’s a classically masculine look.  It’s exudes confidence and energy boldly highlights a face.  This is also one of these looks you can get away with wearing a stronger make-up look with.  Go dramatic! Try adele’s eye and nude lip with this look for a hint of the sixties with this do!


Alicia Key’s twist is a simple french twist base.  Start at the nape are with a tail comb. Back comb a section up the center of the head where you will be able to anchor bobby pins better and use less of them. Mist that section with hairspray, then with a firm grip, twist the hair from the nape up, securing with bobby pins along the way.  When you get to the crown, back comb a a couple inches near the scalp, and continue your twist forward, and over and back again, pinning it back on itself. Tuck any ends into the fold of the twist and pin into place and pin.  Spray nape area and sides generously with hairspray (I love how Pureology Strengthening Control always layers really well and never dulls or flakes).  Spray pomp area and pull roll to loose it and give it another hairspray hug.

Bruno Mar’s look takes guts. Redken Guts, root lift mousse that is! and a lot of it!  To achieve this kind of vert, start with towel dried hair.  Apply a generous spray of Guts at the root area, and rough dry in with my hands.  Next, use a little Velvet Gelatine to smooth the nape area down with a firm boar bristle brush.  Use a 1.5” barrel  round brush to get the hair moving up and away from the face. Finish with Redken Forceful hairspray to be able to boogie all night, but your hair won’t budge.




We will always love you Whitney.

Dear Whitney,

Your beauty and talent stirred a song in many hearts.  For many of us, you will always be a benchmark for gretaness.  Regardless of the burdens you bore, you leave nothing but music to fill your memory.

I was inspired by your constantly evolving beauty… you will be missed!


Check out some of Whitney’s looks over the years.  I love that whatever look she wore, she was always bold and beautiful!