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Get Ready to Want Dragon Hair.

Thursday, December 29th, 2011


Short, androgynous cuts have always held a powerful desire.  In the 1920’s, women began a defiant trend and cut their hair, and their dresses, mind-blowingly short. Pretty rebellious for women who only thirty years prior were virtuous Victorians who wore corsets and covered their ankles.  When Feminine fashion rounded another curve in the the 60’s, Mia Farrow’s signature crop was simultaneously blithely boyish, strong, and ultra feminine.

20’s cuts, The Shingle & Eton Crop, Mia Farrow Vogue Cover

Cropped and brilliantly tinted hairstyles last peaked in the late 1980’s-90’s. Since then, “punk” has become “pretty”.  Tattoos have not only worked their way into extremely successful professional careers, but made it onto the bodies of super models showcasing satin evening gowns.  Some will say this is a sad mainstreaming of a great look.  I say we are breaking through the next ceiling in redefining sexy, again.

Wynonna Rider, Eve Salvail, Sinead O'connor

So now what?? Clearly fashion is gender bent and hell bound to take it to the next level. I, for one, cannot wait.  The most prevalent example being the hot, edgy brunette who is the face of one of the most talked about stories of this year.  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is going to become everyday/everywhere sexy.

Noomi Rapace

Already these ladies have been rocking the crop with strikingly beautiful results. But to see what’s next, we need to check out what’s happening now.

Halle Berry, Jamie Lee Curtis, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Emma Watson

Not on the runways, but in the streets.  …Or Irish Pubs, if you will.  A few weeks ago, I met a lovely barkeep named Krystal, who’s hair fascinated me to an extent that I kept ordering drinks in order to  get a better look at it.  When I asked, she told me she did it herself.  Pretty impressive!  She also said, somewhat apologetically, this was the tamest her hir has been in some time. My favorite part was the side she grooved out in horizontal rows on one side that let her drop down those long sections you see pinned back here and camo the bare skin for some of her modeling gigs.  Thanks for letting me insoect your head Krystal. And for not thinking I was TOO weird.

So what comes next?  Well, I think that we’re gonna see more dragon tattoos in 2012, most certainly, but I sure hope to see them in evening gowns, and tailored suits, and everywhere beautiful, powerful women are.



PS:  Here is my FAVORITE look for the coming year:  A disconnected fringe on a pixie/crop. Thank you Megan Morris, who here wears one of the all-time-sexiest-hairstyles ever.

Megan Morris