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Me & Debra from Beachbody Beauty get down and dirty on Suds.

Debra Pivko, beauty writer for Beachbody Beauty Blog came and interviewed me on the Sulfate Debate!

Believe it or not– there is more to your shampoo than just suds.

Check it out!

more how to’s for stellar do’s!


Re-create this effortless glam look in 10 easy steps!
1. Start with damp hair. Mist a few pumps of Pureology’s Colour Stylist Heat Fortifying Spray over whole head and dry with a paddle or round brush. This preps us for our iron work by protecting hair to heats up to 400 degrees.
2. Section the hair into 3-4 sections, horse-shoe shaped, around the head, pinning the mohawk section on top
3. Spray each section head with Pureology’s StrengtheningControl Hairspray and brush through.
4. Using  1-1 1/2 ” curling iron and wrap a section (approx 2″) around the curling iron ( Bio-ionic amkes the BEST iron!  The barrel does the turning for you!
5. When you get to the top section, wind hair back away from the face.
6. Pin top section back up and out of the way.
7. Create a side-section from just behind the ear up to the edge of the mohawk section.
8. Pull each section up and secure with two bobby pins in an X, right underneath the back and center of the top section with two bobby pins at the scalp. repeat for the other side.
9. let your top section loose, and give it a little back-combing or teasing at the root and run fingers through the curls.  With shorter layers, you may just spray into place.  If you have longer layers or all one length hair, loosely secure a few curls into the two X’s of bobby pins just below the crown.
10. Run hands through and break up curls to soften the look, and finish with a generous dose of Pureology’s Strenghtening Control hairspray for a shiny, touchable, stay-put look.

Jessie, Jessie… Who can I turn to?

Oh, Jessica… You never let me down with your good hair.
Always current, never contrived.   We love it!
I love this look because it looks like it took a lot more work than it actually did! The key with these soft, “un-done” do’s is to not get caught up in making a perfect knot.  The beauty is in the effortlessness of it!
1. Start with hair with Pureology’s PureVolume for extrodinary body.
2. Apply Pureology RootLift to the crown area and Silk Bodifier to mid-shafts and ends.  Blowdry with a Bio-ionic paddle brush for incredible shine.
3. Using big hotrollers or a 1 1/2-2″ curling iron, set the entire head.  Allow at least 15-20 mins for curls to cool.
4.  If you have medium length hair or more layers, twist the back up and secure it with criss-crossed bobby pins.  If you have longer hair, you can start with a super high pony tail.  Either way, your ends should be in the highest position on your head.  Remeber to pull your fringe loose if you wear bangs!
5. Divide pony tail hair into three sections.  Spray each section with a healthy dose of Pureology’s InCharge hairspray and give it one or two back-combing strokes to build a base of volume at the root of pony (or top of twist)
6. Take each section and wrap it around the crown of your head, twisting it gently as you go. Secure it to your hair (not the elastic) with a couple of bobby pins, , making sure you leave the last 2-3 inches of hair out. Thinking of a pinwheel, then wrap the other two sections around the first, until you have a loose messy bun with the ends free.
7. With InCharge hairspray, mist the whole do, and then work the loose ends with your fingers and a little more hairspray to spread them out, pulling a few curls or pieces down into the same direction as your fringe.
8. Finish with a mist of Pureology’s InCharge Plus for hair that will stay put all night long.