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The Beauty of Pretty Politics

Check out this interview I did for the NYC Daily News!  They wanted me to talk about certain female political figure’s hair.  Where does one even begin??

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come get yer curly on.

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Radiant Haircolor comes in new SHADES!

…Shades EQ Color Gloss that is!

For 20 years now, Redken’s demi-permanent Shades EQ color gloss has been in the back pocket of every hairdresser.  Clients who long for healthy hair and a shimmering vibrancy to their color have found their hair-mate in what we stylists lovingly refer to as simply “shades”.  Due to it’s unique chemical nature, this has also been a solution to women have some color allergies, may be pregnant or nursing, as well as men OR women who want a more subtle camouflaging of greys.  This is how it works:



So how could good get better?  When the geniuses that are Redken take all of the magical, shining goodness that is Redken Shades EQ, and condense it into even MORE luminous, rich hues, with Shades Plus for resistant grey coverage… Still without fear of commitment!

Because Shades only deposits color and offers zero lift, by the time you need color again, the color will have gently faded from the hair, leaving no harsh line of new growth at the root, which makes for a much more lenient maintenance schedule. 😉

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Stay tuned for tips on how to prep your hair for fall color to keep it shining all winter long!