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Flowering Love

I am just floored by all the flowering beauty blossoming daily this time of year.  It seems a time where frivolity and youth rule… and who wouldn’t wanna jump on board with that scent on the air?  Embrace your summer sun-goddess self and dress your tresses with natural beauty!

Try for more hair pin options than you can imagine, and late bloomer studio (linked in photo below).


I love these pieces to dress up a beachy day that ends in a patio dinner by the water, but I also love them with a little vintage flair to dress up an updo for bridal looks or just a sweet embellishment on any special occasion style.


Now, if you are a girl with a unique flair for style and a heart fashioned like my own, the work of artist Lisa Toland will make your heart go pitter-patter. Her handcrafted floral hair pieces and jewelry are made with crocheted wire, ribbon, crystals and beads.  Each design is a one-of-a-kind sparkling treasure sure to get you noticed.  And she does custom bridal pieces, too!  Check her out at



Gray Goes Byu-ti-ful on CBS News!

Byu-ti Salon’s Natasha Sunshine was once again called on to name that trend, this time in regards to the growing number of women going Gray-chic. A special thanks for participating to salon guests Randi and Gail! You ladies are true byu-ti’s!

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Christine Hassler hosts Crysalis 2011!

chrysalis (ˈkrɪsəlɪs)
— n pl chrysalises chrysalides
1. the obtect pupa of a moth or butterfly
2. anything in the process of developing

[C17: from Latin chrӯsallis, from Greek khrusallis, from khrusos gold, of Semitic origin; compare Hebrew harūz gold]

So, I know…another highly unothodox plug– but listen, ladies…  Sometimes I get into situations where I am asked for advice on more than a the right deep conditioner.  Sometimes the questions I’m asked are way more complex than whether those bangs would grow out. This rattail comb ain’t no magic wand.  All I’ve got is hairspray and an opinion to hold it together for you. I may not have the answers, but part of what I love best about my job is knowing so many amazing people.  So if I don’t know, chances are I know someone who does.

Christine Hassler is one gal who really knows her stuff.  As a friend and client, we’ve shared a few big Q&A sessions ourselves in the past, so I am delighted to share the opportunity to be a part of her Chrysalis project.

If you are looking for bigger in your life than going blonde for summer, I ask you to consider Christine’s project Chrysalis: A Women’s Retreat. Check it out!

Treat yourself and treat yourself right!

XO  ~A