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NAHA: I submit!

The North American Hairstylist awards are back again!   In what is essentially the Oscars of Hairdressing in a high-octane high-fashion hair war, stylists (and teams of stylists, and whole salons!) compete for unrivaled recognition in their field.  A collection of photos is submitted to a category of your choosing, and then we wait (BITING NAILS TO THE QUICK!) until late spring/early summer!  I’m taking all happy thoughts you can send my way until then!

BIG thanks to Photographer Josue Pena (, Make-up Artist Emily Hunt (, the burned and broken hands of assistants Rene Cohen, Garrett Samuel, and Stacey (Rae) Barnes, and the support of the whole salon, his is my 2011 submission into the Texture category!  Wish us luck!!


Let’s be honest, this isn’t a good hair day for anyone.  Even Einstein’s kids would have called a hairdresser.   For those of you who’s hair is soaring to new heights and reaching out to the world in ways you’d rather it not, try these few tips


No really, use a masque.  A heavy one.

Even if you have finer hair, choose a conditioner one full notch up the ladder on the smoothing/moisturizing scale and apply to mid-shafts and ends of hair.  Keeping it off your scalp will allow you to fight the fly-aways and  still keep your volume. The first cause for this phenomenon is usually dryness in the hair.  Not uncommon at all in the winter, even for those of us who treat our hair regularly.

Apply the masque to towel blotted hair.

FACT: your hair is like a sponge, the more full it is of water the less it can take in of the good stuff. Just wringing the water from your hair thoroughly before applying your daily conditioner can greatly improve results!

Comb through with a wide-tooth comb and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes.

TIP: Multi-task your way to healthy hair!  Wear a masque to the gym while you work out, or even better, take a spin through a steam room or sauna with it on! Just like the pores on your face, heat opens the hair and cold closes it.  Adding heat will really step up your conditioners game!

Rinse with cool/lukewarm water, then style as usual!


Now ‘m not saying lacquer that hair in place like it’s 1985, but a little anti-humidity hairspray goes a LONG way!

Check out the Cuticle Polisher and Strengthening Control Hairspray from Pureology.  These are my favorite for weightless control and shine, and the perfect amount of hold to tame those heaven-bound stands. Plus the addition of Keravis a vegetable-derived protein which strengthens your hair has you style, and it’s humidity resistant, so you won;t be swapping fly-aways for frizz!


If all else fails, a fresh dryer sheet run over your hair to eliminate static.  I love the lavendar smell… and if it lingers in your clothes, maybe your locks will smell fresh as a flower all day long too!!  


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