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Byu-ti Does Bridal on Good Day LA!

Last week Byu-ti was invited to style 10 lovely ladies for Kym Douglas’ segment on smart bridal gown shopping on Good Day LA!  Check out the video!

Hair by Andi Scarbrough and Natasha Sunshine
Make-Up by Emily Hunt

Jen Roop’s Fight Against Cancer


My dear friend (and talented webmaster!) Jen Roop is taking on a daunting a noble cause: she is raising 5k in a 100 mile bike race to raise funds for cancer!


Visit to learn about the wonderful women who inspired this undertaking!


When: July 12, 2009
Where: San Jose, CA (northern California)
What: 100 miles of road biking pleasure
How: My two feet and bike in a constant left-right-left-right motion
Why: To raise cancer awareness!



Donate a buck!